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Four Directions Medicine Wheel
Latest Update: 11/11/2014
Navigate the site by using the menu on the left. There is all kinds of stuff to find - From Native American Recipes and chat rooms, to Online Games! Check out all we have to offer and enjoy yourself.
There are also forums, and our online community. Registration for both is simple and free.

You can also find Native American Indian poetry, with poems dating back hundreds of years.

Our chat is for the Indigenous people of the world to come together, share stories/experiences, and make friends. Of course,
everybody is welcome regardless of background as our chat rooms are for fun, conversation, and friendship.
Feel free to join any of the existing chat rooms or create your own chat room free! There is also a trivia chat room if you want to test your brain power. Hope you enjoy!
Join us! Use your favorite IRC Client and connect to, or to chat from this site click 'Chatroom' from the menu on the left. Or click the "Chat Now" button below.

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